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‘Archer’ Characters’ Real Life Models | Vulture

I do think we could have done a better job with Archer and Cyril could have put on some glasses, but it’s a fun game to play anyways.

A self proclaimed “mushroom chaser” hippie once told me we’re been brainwashed by the big mushroom companies in to thinking wild mushrooms are dangerous. Well ledies and gentlemen, I gunna guess this is Big Mushroom!

Champignons - (Mushroom machine) - Havatec BV (by Havatec)

Cute and Funny Kittens watching tennis (by Funnycatsandnicefish)

tennis sounds… weird…

Stephanie Mabey - If i were a zombie, official lyric video (by itwuzthezebras1)

pom pom crab dance (by rendogpico)

"You’re real squiggly!" - Garth Algar


Морду, пожалуйста (Face, please) (by ignoramusky)

Duck Run (by matizhan)

b-day preview (by caijohndaviesglover)

This guy has so many talents! Why this? Why this???


"Millions of viral videos waiting to be adopted"